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Re: Voynich Wikis [Re: VMs: My web page]

Hi all,

As a full time programmer, I can tell you the most annoying thing about
Wikis is trying to find one.  There are just so many of them.  Instead of
people working towards a couple of good quality, complete open-source
implementations, everyone ends up rolling there own.  There are a few good
ones out there.  I will get back to the list tomorrow with the names of the
ones our company normally publishes for our clients.   And of course, we
could always role our own! ;0>

As for the mail archives, it would be pretty easy to convert them into Wiki
pages.  The hardest part would be organizing them logically.  Perhaps the
simplest case would be to link them by thread, much as they are now.  Then
they could also be searched.  A next step could be to cross-link by various
common words and phrases (such as folio names, poster names, names of key
people and places in history, etc).

This sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't with the right tools.  I
very fluent in Perl, for example, and am pretty sure I could knock out most
of what I described in a couple of evenings, depending on the Wiki
implementation.  And on top of being able to, I am also willing to.  :->

The only real problem I can see with the email archives, is getting new
content into the wiki as it is created.   I could work with the maintainer
of the e-list archives, it may be as simple as a script backed with a chron

Well, anyway, I pledge my support in anyway I can.

Ted Young

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