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Re: Voynich Wikis [Re: VMs: My web page]

Hi Jim,

At 14:11 12/01/2004 -0800, Jim Gillogly wrote:
There's another seldom-used Voynich Wiki up at
I imagine there are differences in the features and capabilities of
different Wiki implementations, but I don't know enough about them
to comment.  I occasionally use a Go-oriented wiki at
http://senseis.xmp.net/ but I think the maintainers do a good deal
of hacking to keep it relevant and customized.

Perhaps a more Wiki-literate person could comment on what it takes
for one to take off.

All it takes is the simplest page-editing tool (which is all WikiWikis were originally intended to be) and a group of people who not only *want* to do stuff with it, but actually *do* do stuff with it. :-o

However, there's a big leap between a basic Wiki and a properly customised Wiki - ie, one with particular features added in that make life sweet for a particular community. Here, we're extremely data-rich (which is quite an unusual state for web projects), but connection-poor (ie, we have millions of fragments of commentary, fragmented across 100s of servers... erm, and that's just my stuff). :-) And not to mention the mailing-list archives (which pushes the same idea even further)!

Essentially, the questions are (a) what kind of connecting / cross-referencing mechanism(s) can we devise to help us connect all these fragments together (say, for a particular page, or theme, or person, or place?), and (b) what kind of Wiki "glue" (or Wiki-related tools) can we conceive of to make the process of compilation / collaboration / cross-referring as easy as possible for us?

Time and again, though, I keep coming back to the twin problems of how to (a) post up and (b) search the archives effectively, because that is where this problem is arguably at its most intense. I'm really not ducking the issue, it's a hard problem (honest)! :-(

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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