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Re: VMs: Re: NSU review of Rugg (2003)...

Quoting Dan Harms <danharms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
 > Pardon a non-cryptographer for leaping into the discussion, but I haven't 
 > seen this brought up yet.
 > So we may have a scheme involving eight tables and two or three dozen 
 > Cardan grilles switched off multiple times in a single page, no?  If that's 
 > true, I think that after a certain point in the manuscript, project fatigue 
 > would have led the creator to switch off the tables and grilles less 
 > often.  Thus, assuming the MS. was written from beginning to end, we should 
 > see different textual characteristics at different points in the MS.
 > I don't have the intellectual machinery to follow this idea through, but I 
 > thought I'd toss it out.
 > Dan Harms
I think if you continue with the 8 tables you will remain on the 
~correct track~!! however, try dropping the "Cardan grilles" and 
replace them in  
their positioning characteristics with the vms (lower_case) glyhps. 
The lower_case glyphs are 'pointers' to the key you are reading at the 
time you get to it etc.. (per/ES?) (i.e. lower case vms letters are 
your Cardan grilles openings.)

best to you & yours
steve (1 of 12) ekwall :-)

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