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Re: VMs: Re: The barrel mechanism

In message <001801c3e219$399f8040$d7bf4b0c@YOUREA216FD09B>, john stojko
<oko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>Did I correctly understand your reasoning?
>If the VMS was written by one person than there is no need for second
>cylinder to decipher what he wrote.
>This suggest that the VMS is not gibberish writing but some sort of secret
>communications between governments, religious or other group of people.
>Hence the method of enciphering and deciphering were learned and well known
>among these groups. By the same token also the language.


If the VMS is written in a personal 'language' of the author, which he
perhaps devised because he found ordinary languages inadequate to
express his highly individual (advanced?) modes of thought, it would all
have been for his sole private use anyway and any concealment from
outsiders merely an irrelevant by-product.

In which case, there is no 'key' to be had, as the author wouldn't have
possessed or needed one, and we need to deduce the likely author as best
we can and try and imagine ourselves into his mind in order to get

It is also possible of course that we are dealing with a copy: perhaps
some person or persons unknown happened upon the original in the absence
of the author/owner, and though unable to read it were convinced that it
was of immense value and having the time and access to make a copy, did
their best to do so. (Perhaps they were entrusted with the safekeeping
of the author's effects whilst he was away or even in prison?)

Too many 'perhapses' and 'ifs' but not altogether impossible?




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