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Re: VMs: The barrel mechanism

> If the VMS is written in a personal 'language' of the author, which he
> perhaps devised because he found ordinary languages inadequate to
> express his highly individual (advanced?) modes of thought, it would all
> have been for his sole private use anyway and any concealment from
> outsiders merely an irrelevant by-product.

Doing the alphabet layout has convinced me that the Author of OFMM*
was gifted in creativity, but not a lot of artistic talent. His design is
than the execution in the drawings.

The alphabet is elegant, with each letter distinct, while still related to

The Astro section shows me that he saw things precisely as they were,
but he didn't represent them in a normal fashion, which is what has us

I'm willing to bet a pizza that when we crack the code, it will prove to
be simple and elegant as well. Also that the key is there, it just hasn't
been recognized as yet.


*OFMM: Our Favorite Mysterious Manuscript

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