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Re: Lou Kruh, was Re: VMs: Interesting site

CWLee wrote:
Could Mr. Kruh be persuaded to approach Yale as a recipient
of the collection?  If successful, in the long run that
could benefit our efforts to understand the Voynich

I assume he would be as open to an offer from Yale as from any other reputable institution. I imagine it's difficult for any institution to make a decision that would require setting aside enough space for a large collection, not to mention justifying the financial outlay, so he's probably not expecting an instantaneous placement.

Why do you think having his collection co-located with the VMs would
help us?  I think having anything all possible resources near Jacques
or Rene or Stolfi or Gabriel or Petr (or half a dozen others) would
be more to the point! :)
	Jim Gillogly

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