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Re: VMs: Dated At Last?

--- Robert Teague <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Please go to http://web.syr.edu/~lroux/, and click
> on the  link that says, "Can the Voynich be
> limited to no later than the late 1500s?".
> Opinions solicited.

The resemblance of the face with the portrait
is quite marginal, IMHO, and having seen quite a
number of portraits of Tycho, the one shown isn't
very characteristic of him either (but perhaps that
isn't a good argument). Also, it will be easy to
find lots of other portraits (of other people)
that have some similarity to the face in the middle
of the VMs page.

I think it would require something more substantial,
to be honest. The star mapping also cannot
really convince me.

This is clearly related to your proposed dating 
of a number of events shown in the MS to the 
late 1500's. 

The question, addressed in other mails, whether
these are statisitically significant, or it is
coincidental may not be easy to answer, but since 
the proposal is at odds with other expert opinions
which date the MS to a century earlier, it will
require some solid basis.

Kind regards, Rene

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