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Re: VMs: Dated At Last?

	Remember, all, that Rene is a space scientist, and 
that therefore his opinion has special weight.

	(But I'm a chemical engineer, but I only know a few 
things about spiritual alchemy, and little about
alchemy.  ;-(   )


Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> Hmmm....
> The resemblance of the face with the portrait
> is quite marginal, IMHO, and having seen quite a
> number of portraits of Tycho, the one shown isn't
> very characteristic of him either (but perhaps that
> isn't a good argument). Also, it will be easy to
> find lots of other portraits (of other people)
> that have some similarity to the face in the middle
> of the VMs page.
> I think it would require something more substantial,
> to be honest. The star mapping also cannot
> really convince me.
> This is clearly related to your proposed dating
> of a number of events shown in the MS to the
> late 1500's.
> The question, addressed in other mails, whether
> these are statisitically significant, or it is
> coincidental may not be easy to answer, but since
> the proposal is at odds with other expert opinions
> which date the MS to a century earlier, it will
> require some solid basis.
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