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Re: VMs: In the news again...

Gabriel Landini wrote:
> > I'm not sure that we have proof Kelley knew about CGs, but CGs were around
> > at his time, so it can be reasonably assumed someone interested in
> > cryptography would have known.
> It is possible, but then this is like saying that Kelley is 'reasonably
> guilty' until proven innocent. Is he?

	That's not how it's done in the USA, but that was
England.  ;-)

	On Gordon's site it said that his pseudo-Voynichese
resembled the real 
thing but that the numbers hadn't been run yet, that a
student was working on 
that.  I haven't yet seen the article.  

	I created Cat Latin, a verbose cipher that turns Latin
into something 
with the entropy profile of EVA Voynichese, although
Cat Latin looks nothing 
like Voynichese.  So even numbers are hardly
conclusive.  We need to see more.

> Forget about colour copies, we desperately need a time machine. :-)
> Or, cheaper, some ink analysis. That could rule Dee/Kelley out if the inks are
> not from their period.

	Would it?  We'd have to know about the history of
inks, etc.  On the 
EVMT site you point out that radiocarbon dating is not
at all precise for our 
time frame.

> I wonder how robust the ink analysis is considering the amount of
> contamination that the ms may have.

	Another good question.  Look at the issues with DNA

> Gabriel (who wonders whether word-starting <y> and word-ending <y> are
> different abbreviations).

	Me too.  Word-ending <y> equaled -us in medieval
Latin.  What about 
word-starting <y> ?

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