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Re: VMs: Baptista/Matteo Argenti's essays on crypto - RANT

Hi Philip,

At 21:36 26/01/2004 +0000, Philip Neal wrote:
Equally, the Rugg theory, if true, involves considerable ingenuity: I only wonder
if it is not too sophisticated a method of deceiving a gullible man like Emperor

Actually, from the way Gordon currently describes his method, I'd say it's actually not yet sophisticated enough to produce what we see. So: if true, the actual method would have to be even more sophisticated (which would make its use by Kelley or others even more improbable).

If I wanted to deceive someone with a VMs (small alphabet) code, I'd probably just use four dice and a table containing (say) 10 unique characters and 11 overlapping verbose cipher characters (like qo, ee, dy, ol, or). This alone should produce a fascinating blend of apparent randomness and apparent structure sufficiently tricky ("it must be meaningful!", they cried) to keep cryptanalysts busy for, ooh, a couple of centuries, if what's happened with the VMs is any guide. But it's still miles short of the VMs! :-o

It's to the VMs' maker's immense credit that its subtlety makes reconstructing it non-trivial, either with syllable tables or dice etc. Clever b-st-rd! :-)

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

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