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Re: VMs: Baptista/Matteo Argenti's essays on crypto - RANT

From: "PK#01" <pklist01@xxxxxxxxx>
I don't really see any crypto of the times that would be able to produce
something like the VMS. And I don't think it would fit into the mindset of
the times to come up with something unique, something really new. Most of
the crypto I see is just an extension af what came before (dwarfs on
shoulders of giants ...). This seems to be the case way into the 1600 -1700.

I agree that the Voynich manuscript is not a nomenclator or polyalphabetic: I
never have thought so. On the other hand, figures such as Trithemius and
Francis Bacon devised original workable ciphers which were never actually used.
Equally, the Rugg theory, if true, involves considerable ingenuity: I only wonder
if it is not too sophisticated a method of deceiving a gullible man like Emperor

Philip Neal

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