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Re: VMs: Baptista/Matteo Argenti's essays on crypto - RANT

Let me rephrase that:

> And I may have the tools to demonstrate it.

And *we* may have the tools to demonstrate it.

> With the "text-tiling" program
> it may be possible to demonstrate that the internal coherence of text in
> paragraphs is (or is not) greater than the coherence in a random block of
> text. If there is a message (and if VMS-words are words *) then paragraphs
> should be distinguisheable from a random section of text.

No. The text tiling program finds the boundaries *between* paragraphs.

Now if there is a strong correlation between the boundaries that the program
finds, and boundaries in the VMS (paragraphs, page ends, illustrations),
then it may be a meaningful text after all. If however there is no
correlation between the boundaries from the program and boundaries in the
VMS, then the text is probably unstructured gibberish.

We will have to test the program first on several "normal" texts.

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