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Re: VMs: Dated At Last?

> I think it would require something more substantial,
> to be honest. The star mapping also cannot
> really convince me.

Fair enough.

> This is clearly related to your proposed dating 
> of a number of events shown in the MS to the 
> late 1500's. 

True. The astronomical evidence collected so far
indicates such.

> The question, addressed in other mails, whether
> these are statisitically significant, or it is
> coincidental may not be easy to answer, but since 
> the proposal is at odds with other expert opinions
> which date the MS to a century earlier, it will
> require some solid basis.

Please explain how it can be accepted that Edward Kelly 
could have written the VMs (in the mid to late 1500s to sell
to Rudolph), and yet experts say it was written in the 1400s.


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