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Re: VMs: Dated At Last?

--- Larry Roux <lroux@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> <grin>

ditto :-)

> But it is also important to note that sometimes the
> "experts" (linear-b anyone?) know too much for their
> own good.  Of course there are far more examples for
> traditional thought, but every now and then an
> outsider sees something that those entrenched in the
> project just look past.
> This is why all the newcomers are so welcome!  

We're not short of modern day scientists. While
I do know about space and orbits and stuff,
it's a discipline that postdates Kepler, so 
the relevance for the VMs is vanishingly small, 
I'm afraid.

To jump to another thread, I am equally unconvinced
that the VMs was done by Kelly using the Rugg
method. There are two issues here: the method and
the guy who did it. Both lack sufficiently solid
evidence, so I fully support Robert Teague's point

I have no opinion of my own on the age of the VMs,
so will have to trust people like Panofsky and
Toresella, who must know what they are talking
Thus, believing that the VMs is from the 1450-1470
area (give or take a bit), if Kelly was the
perpetrator, he would have deliberately made it
like an old MS. He would have probably been capable
of doing that, but this is just not enough.

And while I'm at it: the lion in the root of
f90v1 only looks like the Simonetta heraldic lion
if you want it to look like it. There are 
lots of plant pictures in herbals with animals in
the roots. The lion is also one of the most common
animals in heraldry.
This one falls in the same category as the Brahe
picture (to me, at least).

But keep it coming ! :-)

All the best, Rene

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