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Re: VMs: further ramblings [was: VMS lookalikes]

Dennis wrote:

> link with medieval doctor's vade mecums.  The gallows
> embellishments are mainly seen
> in the 10-1100's.  However, I still think most of the
> evidence points to a later time.

While I agree with Barbara that there is hardly any such
evidence (or rather what is treated as such is invented
because of the "horror vacui" - no evidence at all),
I may note that reading late 16th/early 17th c. municipal
record of Cracow recently, I found a number of word linking
caligraphic devices that looked *exactly* like the VMS
gallows. For example (of which I made a note, as it was
so striking) in the name "Slanislaus Szembek" the last
and first s's were linked by gallows. However, the script
there is cursive - so quite unlike the VMS where 
there seem to be no linking or ligatures.

Best regards,

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