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VMs: New "nymphs" and plants

The first new nymph is quite realistic. How come someone puts such a pr0nny
picture in a history of the bible? Beats me!

The second matrix of ladies faces (angels, I can read "serafini" and
"cherubini", I don't know what the rest are) has just as bad a
draughtsmanship as the VMS has. Good copiists with nice handwriting could
get away with being terrible draughtsmen.

The plants speak for themselves. Weird, nonexistent plants. And again some
horrible examples of bad draughtsmanship.

Can anyone read what the plants are in the "snake" pictures? I can read :
- Erba conso__ magiore ...
and on the second fragment:
- Erba frutto nigra ...

Look under:
*** NEW: A few medieval pictures of ladies, some even naked, some even naked
and in baths
*** NEW: More weird plants from diverse sources

I think the direct links are:

Grtz, Petr

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