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Re: VMs: further ramblings [was: VMS lookalikes]

Barbara Barrett wrote:
> I'm fairly confident that the vms is a medieval doctor's journal; form the
> early medieveal period when a doctor diagnosed illness from a sample of the
> patients urine and casting their horoscope - often no physical examination
> was made at all. Which in turn explains the anatomical errors of the nymphs,
> offers a possability for all the "water" pages (a how to examine urine
> section) the astrological pages (for consulting to determine diagnosis and
> prognosis) and the herbal and recipies sections (medications and treatment
> regimes).

	This sounds very interesting.  Please pursue it.  Can
you find examples, 
especially on the Net?

> it seems to me to be somewhat contradictory that an artist who
> couldn't even get basic human anatomy right, whos skill could at kindest be
> called a characturist, 

	Uh, what features doesn't s/he get right?  I *think*
I'm an adult.  ;-)

> So, IMO so far there's no convincing argument the vms was
> composed after the 1400s.

	I'm willing to keep an open mind, especially if you
can find a convincing 
link with medieval doctor's vade mecums.  The gallows
embellishments are mainly seen 
in the 10-1100's.  However, I still think most of the
evidence points to a later time.  

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