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Re: VMs: The Glyphset

Nick Pelling wrote:

> > Look at D'Imperio again, or the recent table of
> >Bright's Characterie.
> >They do go back that far.  In the Bright table, I
> >thought the ones most like
> >the VMs were from the 14th century, not the 15th.
> Note that I'm *not* using this to date the VMs: I'm merely saying that the
> use of EVA <y-> and <-y> is far more consistent with a Tironian notae /
> late medieval abbreviatory practice than with an Arabic numeral mindset.
> The author is giving us hints here, which we should use. :-)

	I looked a little at the stuff Petr has on Tironian
notae.  I need to read more, but the sources I
mentioned still look more Voynich-like to me than

> This is to do with the gallows' epistemology (ie their origin, nature and
> limits): origin-wise, you're saying that the shape has precedents (and with
> which I agree) - nature-wise, I'm saying that the function, structure and
> use of the symmetrical series of four connected gallows shapes is
> unprecedented, and remains a mystery.

	I wonder.  Despite their appearance at the beginning
of paragraphs, they are in fact a very frequent
component of normal "words".  

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