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Re: VMs: vms sentences

Hi Larry,

At 10:49 07/02/2004 -0500, you wrote:
I am not sure what internal 'p's and 't's mean yet, but I know for a
fact that for the left most character in a line the p or t has meaning
related to sentences/paragraphs.  I very much doubt this is a red

Whoa - hold it right there, Larry. The whole point of the thread was to help Mark Lee understand our thoughts on the existence of *sentences* in the VMs (as that is a thing he could possibly test for). Sure, we can see all these page-initial and paragraph-initial behaviours - but why can't we reliably see them in the middle of paragraphs, too?

Now, if instead you were to say "here's my model for Voynichese t-words, which predicts with an 85% certainty which <t>-words were paragraph-initial or not - and, having looked at their other occurrences in the text, I'm quite sure that those would be sentence-initial too", we might actually be in business... but we're not ATM. :-(

We might also consider (for example) whether:-
(1) the first character of a paragraph is ornamental, misleading, or part of a cipher-system
(2) sentences in a para all run together (fairly common for Italian texts, AIUI)
(3) sentence-starts within a para are obscured
(4) paragraphs consist of a single super-long sentence
(5) inter-sentence gaps are denoted by a subtly wider space (only noticeable by decoder)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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