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RE: VMs: vms sentences

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> Hi everyone,
> One problem with this is that there is still a good deal of uncertainty
> over what constitutes both a glyph and an encoded token, ...
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

I hope I got the indention right...

Let me dream of the ideal VM information repository: 

As for the encoding scheme of the transcription, obviously it'd be best to 
employ a "universal encoding", one which is very close to the actual strokes 
which have been used. Various translators would be able to transform this UE 
transcription into the other transcription schemes (Currier, EVA, ...)

So this UE would be one layer beneath "glyph" level of the VM, and should allow 
a non-lossy conversion from this "graphic oriented" approach to a "meaning 

(To explain: We could encode the latin alphabet in a UE manner using "vertical 
strokes", "circles" and other elements on a graphical level. Combinations of 
these elements would render letters as "l", "o", "p", "q", "b" and "d" on 
a "meaning level".)

That way different schools of thought (transcription) could be statisfied from 
the same pool.

But I guess somebody would have to design this UE, hm?



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