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VMs: Dating the VM: Preliminary results

Hello everyone,

Some time ago I embarked on a mission to date the VM based on the clothing and 
apparel of several of the characters depicted therein. Last night I finally was 
smart enough to call upon help from a friend of mine who is way more 
knowledgeable in medieval costume history than myself. It turned out quite fun 
to discuss the topic over the phone, while we both were scanning the internet 
resources at the same time...

My friend (not previously acquainted with the VM) could readily identify most 
of the dresses (even the pancake headgear some of the nymphs on the Taurus 
zodiac page are wearing -- I was stunned when she sent me a painting of one of 
those...), and they seem to form a consistent picture for the most part.

And the answer is... Kazakhstan, 1920s.

No, just kidding.

Most of the evidence seems to point to 1420-1460, the Lower Rhine area, ie the 
border region between Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

I know, that's not very spectacular -- except for the consequence that the 
consistency of the costume would virtually rule out a later hoax by Dee or 

I'll compile the results into a small paper and publish it asap. Please stay 


   Elmar, a late 20th century model

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