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Re: VMs: RE: The key

Jeff wrote:

> Here is a pointer.
> tsheoarom
> pcheoldom
> Take these two words. Remove the t & p gallows and
> study them. They are the key to the whole thing.
> Not by and of themselves, but what they tell you
> about the script. 

These look like two pharma or cosmo words to me. They
are typically found in the 'no mans land' between
languages A and B.
In fact, since they show signs of both line-initial
and line-final properties (the initial gallows and
the final m) I am guessing that they might be label

Whatever one concludes on the basis of these words
may not necessarily be the key to the entire

I'd be curious to know where you found these words
(i.e. which section, which page, which location).

W.r.t. the responses by John Grove and Elmar,
I agree completely. Sometimes one gets a better
audience if one doesn't forget to occasionally
include words like: 'I think that...' or:
'I strongly believe that...'. 
It is also perfectly fine to work on something
by oneself, but then it is not particularly
useful to claim that one 'is onto something' 
without saying what it is. Beware of the
'crying wolf' effect...

Cheers, Rene

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