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Re: VMs: WM, Hieronymus Bosch and Edward Kelley


On his book catalogue cover WMV used a crest or personal device. See


Is this purely his invention, or can it be linked to or derived from
anything in his family? You mentioned several coats-of-arms, Rafal.

In any case, I find it rather amusing, knowing - or suspecting - what we
do of WMV and 'his' manuscript....



In message <BAY5-DAV15ai2RJ8m4Z0000225e@xxxxxxxxxxx>, DANA SCOTT
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>Hello Dennis,
>I am not sure whether or not this has been determined conclusively. Voynich 
>appears to have been very protective of his immediate Family, not wishing to 
>disclose his relatives and early life. This is understandable considering 
>his political inclinations. As Rafal states he was from Kaunas, though he 
>may have had family living in Poland as well. The extent of his "nobility" 
>is questionable. His father was apparently at one point a petty officer. He 
>had a sister. He married Ethel Boole. They had a daughter (per Census 
>listing), named Winifred (sp?, Winifrid), though it is not clear whether or 
>not she might have been adopted, or they might have been her guardians.
>Dana Scott
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>> "Rafal T. Prinke" wrote:
>> >
>> > Yes, they came from the vicinity of Kaunas/Kowno. Actually,
>> > there were several unrelated families of that name but
>> > different coats-of-arms.
>> Does this mean Wilfrid's family was of Lithuanian
>> rather
>> than Polish extraction?  I've always understood that he
>> himself
>> was a Pole.  Is this correct?
>> Dennis


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