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Re: VMs: Counting sheep...?

At 10:49 29/02/2004 +0000, Barbara Barrett wrote:
> Nick Noted;.....and Maurizio Mentioned;
<snip lots of calculations>

Barbara Blithers;

[snip another lot of reckoning]
Now, a question, for I confess to great confussion here; what relevence has
the number of animals that went "into" the vms have to our studies?
I fail to see it myself :-(

Well, I feel a bit guilty for having started all this thread with what was only a, probably unfortunate, sideways observation.

The original point, if there was any (and if I remember correctly), was about copying: a codex almost necessarily is a copy of something else because, among other things, it would easily be a waste of time / effort / resources (including, among other things, the skin of x animals of suitable age / size / skin...). That was all...


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