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Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers

From: "Nick Pelling" <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 01 April 2004 09:21

> Hi everyone,
> At 00:12 01/04/2004 +0100, Jeff wrote:
> >What rules to you suppose were used to determine null insertion? If word
> >ending rules were strict then nulls would need a similar ruleset. Also
> >which units do you see as null? I only see candidates for a verbose
> >structure. The placement of characters adheres to too rigid a structure
> >allow the scribe any latitude.
> I'd say that - given our present dissensus on basic issues, like "what is
> character?" - positing nulls in Voynichese is much like a scaled-down
> version of the hoax assertion: "that which cannot be comprehended must be
> meaningless".
> As a general rule, perhaps we should be a little more confident about
> identifying <that which is signal> before venturing into the land of <that
> which is noise>?

I am currently plotting both signal and noise. I am seeing where information
may be and also where things break up occasionally.

> >P.S. Nick I am finding quite a lot of evidence for some if not all of
> >theories. I hope this doesn't disappoint too much. :-)
> Not at all: I'm quite sure we're considering different kinds of evidence.

Some questions. Would it only have been the church or government types that
the wax tablets? Have you tried to see if any collectors buy such things at
auction if
they still exist anywhere? Do you have any idea of which individuals used
this method?


> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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