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Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers

Hi Jeff,

At 22:42 01/04/2004 +0100, Jeff Haley wrote:
Some questions. Would it only have been the church or government types that used the wax tablets? Have you tried to see if any collectors buy such things at auction if they still exist anywhere? Do you have any idea of which individuals used this method?

Many museums have wax tablets (though rarely on show) - most of the time it seems as though I'm the only person who thinks that late-medieval / early-modern wax tablets are of any interest. AFAICT there are few (or less) catalogues of late medieval / early modern wax tablet holdings, with almost all the interest focused specifically on Roman ones.

Despite that, wax tablets were in active use for over a millennium, in all walks of life - but especially in schools, universities, courts, etc.

BTW, I also don't think there is a single private wax tablet collector out there, though I'd be delighted to be proved wrong! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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