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Re: VMs: Language or not? was:Folio...

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> 2) linguists say that it is no known langauage

well, khm, our favorite font-acquianters have found
the roots for most of VMS-characters (in mid-XVth
century "humanist hand" fonts, of course).

Now, if we just begin to read VMS in voice with help of
these, we really get something, which tends to sound
very much like a Turco-Tataric dialect.

When I am in mood to have fun with VMS, then
I like to think, it might be some lost Tataric tongue,
containing Finno-Ugric elements.
(Even today exists 1 such, the Chuvash language ...
but in my opinion, this one in his modern form is 
quite a new derivation. You surely can't read VMS through
it. But say, in XVth century Khan-state of Kazan there
probably existed many such dialects and Kazan probably
had direct links to mighty Genovan colonies at the Black Sea.)

> On (2), I just remember that our favourite linguist
> on this list never tired (at least until recently)
> of indicating how all features one observed in the
> VMs can also be seen in various different languages.
> Of course, the language has not been identified,
> but one could say that the text is language-like.

I agree and I cant see (how to say it? any vectors of
human mind?), which could produce such a hoax, say, before
industrial times or so.

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