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Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers

In message <406D0576.7CB77C75@xxxxxxxx>, Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx>
>Bruce Grant wrote:
>> In a sense, the problem of the VM is like the problem of the universe -
>> given only one example, it's difficult to say whether it is typical or
>> atypical of its species.
>> Reminds me of the old joke about the ultimate philosophy exam consisting
>> of a single question:
>>          "Explain the universe. (Give two examples)."
>       I think science fiction writers have speculated about
>this at least some.  

Short story by "John Wyndham" (actually John Beynon Harris) in his
collection "The Seeds of Time". I forget the title but it might have
been "Opposite Number" (or "Pillar to Post"?) It contained an image of
infinitely expanding multiple universes. c. mid 1950s

Also short story "What Rough Beast" by (I think) Damon Knight where the
narrator could see and move between them. Another 1950s story.




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