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Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers

Bruce Grant wrote:
> In a sense, the problem of the VM is like the problem of the universe -
> given only one example, it's difficult to say whether it is typical or
> atypical of its species.
> Reminds me of the old joke about the ultimate philosophy exam consisting
> of a single question:

>          "Explain the universe. (Give two examples)."

	I think science fiction writers have speculated about
this at least some.  I remember an old sci-fi novel,
*The Gods Themselves* by Isaac Asimov. In it there
exists a universe, parallel to our own, in which the
magnetic force is somewhat weaker than in our own and
therefore solid objects may merge to some extent. 
There is a parallel story in this other universe where
there are three sexes and three protagonists, Odeen,
Dua, and Tritt (our linguists and Slavicists will

	The title of the book comes from a quote (by
Schiller?): "Against folly, the gods themselves contend
in vain."  Is this, perhaps, why we've never
succeeded?  ;-)

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