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Re: VMs: FIND a solution / Method.

Dear Francois,

At 21:51 09/04/2004 +0200, Francois Almaleh wrote:
Moreover, how do you think to find a solution with a old tool : the mailing-list for this subject is, at this time, not good. It's like a old bbs ! Create a web based message board, organized by subject ! It is the best solution to find a good solution and a true and fully research.

This *is* an old bbs - but is throwing it all away (what Mary Midgley calls a "slum-clearance" strategy) really the only answer?

Here, who can say he/she may find a solution without knowing the goal of the method of research ?

This misunderstands (and underestimates) the unique problem of the VMs. Until we can be certain about any of the basics - the early provenance, the structure, the page order, the character set, the content, the intention, in fact *anything* - I believe that we cannot satisfactorily construct the kind of scientific methodology you would like.

You must have a well done structure to exchange in a logical sense. See my webpage for *example* : <http://www.almaleh.com/phorum/index.php>http://www.almaleh.com/phorum/index.php

Who gets to choose the categories?

Please think at this : order, method and structure are the keys for a good research.

I agree - but I think that just about everyone here has their own idea of what order, method and structure should be adopted... and - naturally - they're all different. Instead, all we can do is promote rigour, carefulness and transparency (all of which are difficult to achieve).

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

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