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VMs: FIND a solution / Method.


Please read these few lines...you will see for the future the result on our research...

I have read the emails from this mailing list since June 2002.Thousand emails for nothing. I explain : all the information are mixed ; nothing is organized.The same questions, always.

Moreover, how do you think to find a solution with a old tool : the mailing-list for this subject is, at this time, not good. It's like a old bbs ! Create a web based message board, organized by subject ! It is the best solution to find a good solution and a true and fully research.

Here, who can say he/she may find a solution without knowing the goal of the method of research ?

You must have a well done structure to exchange in a logical sense. See my webpage for *example* : http://www.almaleh.com/phorum/index.php

Please think at this : order, method and structure are the keys for a good research.

Francois Almaleh