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Re: VMs: FIND a solution / Method.

Francois Almaleh wrote:


I have read the emails from this mailing list since June 2002.Thousand emails for nothing. I explain : all the information are mixed ; nothing is organized.The same questions, always.

Moreover, how do you think to find a solution with a old tool

After all, even the idea of a BBS is hardly more than twenty years old. I assume people even before that time managed to solve some problems.

You must have a well done structure to exchange in a logical sense. See my webpage for *example* : http://www.almaleh.com/phorum/index.php

I don't really see how your approach differs from the mailing list. Forums, usenet newsgroups, BBS's, mailing lists only have marginal diffrences.

You've split up the VM theme into several subforums which may be a good idea, but may be counter-productive as well: Many people here have a feeling that interdisciplinary approaches and cross connections will be important for the solution. They are more difficult to discern if the information is spread out on several media.

Please think at this : order, method and structure are the keys for a good research.

Francois Almaleh



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