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Re: VMs: FIND a solution / Method.

> Francois Almaleh wrote:
> Moreover, how do you think to find a solution with a
> old tool : the mailing-list for this subject is, at
> this time, not good. It's like a old bbs ! Create a
> web based message board, organized by subject ! It is
> the best solution to find a good solution and a true
> and fully research.

	I think the list is good for the free discussion of
ideas.  Everyone here has different interests and
abilities, as well as widely varying individual
knowledge of every subject that is discussed.  
> Here, who can say he/she may find a solution without
> knowing the goal of the method of research ?

	The goal is well-defined, but alas, the means of
getting there are not at all well-defined!  We must
pursue many paths.  

> You must have a well done structure to exchange in a
> logical sense. See my webpage for *example* :
> http://www.almaleh.com/phorum/index.php

	I've been there of course.  

	I think a Wiki is a better idea.  It has some
structure but is still flexible.  It also very
important to be able to easily search such a central
exchange of information as a Wiki, the list archives,
or your site from the top down.  

	I'd like to see us use one of the Wiki's, most likely
the Wikibooks one, and have people put the most
important content of their websites there.  It would be
good to have the list archives there in searchable
form.  It would even be good to have Takeshi's scans of
the whole VMs and the voynichinfo color scans there.  

	Here's the Wikibooks one:


	I encourage everyone to start populating it!

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