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Re: VMs: forwarded: Re: Tataric in Voynich Manuscript? (fwd)

Mart Vabar wrote:
> 3. "Ts"  instead of "Ch" is common for Mishar dialect of the Tatar language.
> Also "Ts" is used in a dialect of Balkar language, and in Siberian dialect
> of Tatar language. "Ts"  instead of "Ch" is used by part of Mordvas and
> Russians which contacted much with the Mishars. Though approximately half of
> Mishars use common Turkic "Ch". I am Mishar and I pronounce "Ch" and
> sometimes even "S" instead of common "Ch" (like Bashkirs).

	Please remember, Mart, that our transcription is just
that  - a transcription of the original glyphs into a
form convenient for computer analysis.  EVA /ch/ and
/dar/ weren't necessarily pronounced that way by the
VMs author, they just look that way to those using the
Latin alphabet.  One could just as well transcribe them
/ct/ and /8a2/ , which is just what Frogguy does.  Look
again at the original glyphs:



PS: Since you're the only one who knows Estonian, does
this say anything worthwhile?

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