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Re: VMs: Kepler & the VMS

--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Kepler moved to Prague in 1600 to take a post as
> Tyco Brahe's assistant...


> A good article by the excellent J.V.Field:-

Thank you! 
Unless I am fully mistaken, she is the Kepler
expert Gabriel met and who could not confirm
any mention of the VMs in Kepler's writings.

W.r.t. the work done by Kepler and Brahe, this is
fully understood and the suggestion that the 
VMs had anything to do with it is ludicrous.
I don't usually make strong statements here,
but this is one I will stand behind.

On the number identification and page/event
identification by Robert Teague and Larry Roux:
I have challenged this before, not because I 
like to pull down good theories, but because
I challenge the logic. There are two hypotheses
and just because they confirm each other, that
does not mean that they are both true.
I do understand that the order in which things
were discovered makes them highly credible to
the people involved. 
Just note that his is similar to the work of
Newbold. His translations referred to true
facts and events that he did not know about
before. Still, it is generally accepted that he
was wrong.

Cheers, Rene

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