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Re: VMs: Kepler & the VMS

> On the number identification and page/event
> identification by Robert Teague and Larry Roux:
> I have challenged this before, not because I 
> like to pull down good theories, but because
> I challenge the logic. There are two hypotheses
> and just because they confirm each other, that
> does not mean that they are both true.


> I do understand that the order in which things
> were discovered makes them highly credible to
> the people involved. 

True, and something to watch out for.

> Just note that his is similar to the work of
> Newbold. His translations referred to true
> facts and events that he did not know about
> before. Still, it is generally accepted that he
> was wrong.

It just means I'll have to work harder to find convincing evidence.


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