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Re: VMs: Kepler & the VMS

> BTW the problem with reading <ol> as the number pair "04" is that <l> is 
> overwhelmingly preceded by <o> (yes, it's probably of those verbose pairs I 
> keep banging on about), which makes is *far* too easy to find instances of 
> "1604" (the year of the famous supernova about which Kepler famously wrote) 
> in the text.

Except that <ol> as a number pair would be read "15". It's possible that <f>
is "0", but I've found no examples of it.

I do not contend that every occurrence of a letter I think represents a number
means it is a number in that instance.

On f66r, tenth line from the bottom, fifth word.  Note how, while words surrounding
it have letters written side by side, this word has a half-space between letters. I 
think this is the date of 1558. Other words I think are dates tend to have space
between the letters, so I think this is a way of distinguishing them.


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