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VMs: Manchu theory

Hello Jorge

    	On	Tue, 11 May 2004 at 16:57:58 -0300
    	Jorge Stolfi wrote (in part):

     3) Although Manchu is an agglutinative language, its script 
     appears to have been influenced by the Chinese script and 
     hence writtem as separated syllables to some extent.  To that  
    extent, it could match the wordlength statistics of Voynichese.

As per a previous post, I believe there is a near match for 
Voynichese wordlength statistics. Near enough that I think there are 
ordinary texts to be found that are as much like Voynichese (in this 
regard) as Voynichese sections are similar to each other. Some 
individual old German texts of the 15th/16th century are quite 

If I am found to be mistaken, I would like to continue with a line of 
examination that was discouraged by it. 


I am predisposed to keep open on the Manchu claim. Maybe because it 
is the type of thing I would like it to be. Who can say what might 
have been created in, copied in, or passed through Byzantium? 

Ciao .......... Knox
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