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VMs: Manchu theory

Nick Pelling says that the "Manchu theory" does not fit the historical
record. Please note that all the historical dates in question refer to
the Manchu *script*, not the Manchu *language*, which probably existed
(modulo natural evolution) for over 1000 years -- as "Manchu",
"Jurchen", or any other name.

The "Manchu theory" is that some European visited the region sometime
before the 15th century, invented a brand new alphabetic script for
the local spoken language, and used that script to transcribe some
texts dictated by local people -- scholars, astrologers, doctors,
herbalists, whatever. (Other variants of this scenario are possible,
of course.)

Thus the dates and looks of the various Manchu/Jurgen scripts are
irrelevant for this theory.

Apart from that, I agree that the claim still sounds rather dubious...

All the best,


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