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Re: VMs: Viola tricolor

William wrote:
I take it that no-one knows of a comprehensive mutilingual attempt to
examine labels in the context of plausible interpretations of labelled
images?  It really would seem the best basis for independent stabs at
meanings to
be attached to labels.

One book in particular very good for this purpose was written by William
Turner and published by John Day in 1568, entitled "The names of herbes in
Greke, Latin, Englishe, Duche, & Frenche wyth the commune names that
Herbaries and Apotecaries vse".   This is a condensation of names from an
earlier book by William Turner, "A New Herball", published in 1551.   Each
printed herbal to this point had inserted occasional references to common
names, but this is the first systematic attempt (to my knowledge) at drawing
the names together in one document.  Gerarde is still the standard reference
work for this period, but there is much in Turner's "New Herball" to be
admired, since Gerarde offers only Latin and Greek substitutes for the
common English names.


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