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Re: VMs: Beinecke & MrSID...


MrSID is supported by Irfanview. I (re?)installed exview before I 
knew that. It might not be necessary.

The image first appears at 10% and will zoom in 10% increments up to 

My version is 3.80, Current version is 3.91.
Irfanview (Irfan Skiljan)



 - Image Properties -

Filename: 1013391.sid
Compression: MrSID
3279 x 4566  Pixels
16,7 Millions   (24 BitsPerPixel)
10235 milliseconds
Memory size: 42.85  MB (44929440 Bytes)
Disk size: 2.71  MB (2840158 Bytes)

It required about 8 minutes to zoom-view on dial-up. Six or seven 
downloads per hour will be the best rate possible. CD's needed.


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