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Re: VMs: Voynich images and wiki

The first stab at something useful has been put up.  It is nothing
quite so ambitious as individual page annotations quite yet.  Instead,
I merely stole Rene's very useful table and fitted it with links to
the content I mirrored.  The credit is entirely Rene's, all I did
was toss in a few links.

The link is here:


This is a functional Wiki, so anyone should be able to create a user
account simply by entering a new login name, and then you have the
ability to edit any page.  (The Image Index is only locked because
phpwiki won't allow raw HTML - in this case, the table - into a page
that isn't locked.  It's a security concern.  I will be happy to
unlock the page for anyone who wants to make changes.)

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 11:17:28PM +0100, Nick Pelling wrote:
> Hi Seth,
> At 14:46 02/06/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> >I just wanted to pass along a note that a friend with a co-located
> >web server has allowed me to mirror the Voynich images, including
> >uncompressed TIFF versions of all the SID files.  It will work out
> >to something like 9GB of data.
> Excellent - but don't forget to put links back to the original data & give 
> ample thanks to the Beinecke, acknowledge ownership, etc. :-)

You're quite right -- at the moment my links point to content mirrored
on a very fast server, but I'm not entirely certain that's "kosher".
Perhaps it would be better to link directly to the Beinecke server
instead?  I felt bad that we were hammering their system so much,
but perhaps they would prefer it that way.  At any rate, I think
it's important to acknowledge how grateful we are at every possible

> This is a great idea... but...
> >I'll post the address as soon as the Wiki software is set up.
> As before, I'd *strongly* recommend not rolling your own but instead making 
> use of the (both excellent and industrial strength) MediaWiki engine (which 
> runs Wikipedia, Wikiquotes, Wikibooks, etc). I put a basic Voynich 
> framework in place there a while back, and this is now ripe for expansion 
> (to the nth degree!)
>         http://wikibooks.org/wiki/The_Voynich_Manuscript

I'm only rolling my own in the sense that I dropped the PhpWiki
software into a directory on my webspace and turned it on.  However,
since you already have the wikibooks site set up, I don't see why we
can't simply move the content there!  Rather than have a splintered
effort, I wouldn't mind seeing it all in one place.  I'd be happy to
continue hosting the image mirror unless Yale objects.

The most important thing is that I don't see this as a solitary effort.
That's the beauty of wikis, we can all add content.

Perhaps we should decide on a "De facto standard" wiki site now,
and all start using it.

All in favor?

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