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VMs: Voynich images and wiki

I just wanted to pass along a note that a friend with a co-located
web server has allowed me to mirror the Voynich images, including
uncompressed TIFF versions of all the SID files.  It will work out
to something like 9GB of data.

I am in the process of finishing the download of all 209 SIDs now,
and will convert them to TIFF tonight or tomorrow.  The thumbnails
are already done.  I am also setting up a wiki, I like the idea of
creating one wiki page for each folio.  Ideally each wiki page will
have a thumbnail of the associated VMs folio, links to the 4x and 8x
JPEGs, a link to a SID version, a link to the TIF version, and a link
to a transcription.  Each page will then allow all of us to annotate.

I'll post the address as soon as the Wiki software is set up.

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