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Re: VMs: Re: New VMS transcriptions

Jeff wrote:
>>For any proposed new VMS transcriptions I would suggest these symbols to
>>indicate spacing.
>>A period '.' for an agreed full space, a comma ',' for an agreed half space,
>>a semi colon ';' for a disputed spacing and a colon ':' for paragraph end.

GC wrote:
This is indeed a piece of information that needs to be included, and I've
troubled over it to some extent, especially finding a symbol to replace the
half-space.  My proposal is the "dash" -  to indicate possible connectivity
within the word.

I prefer transcriptions that can be sight-read as easily as possible, and so there should be few characters that you would stumble over in your reading. I like space for space, and I like GC's '-' versus a comma because it already has the connotation of associating the "words". As my eyes get older the difference between : and ; has decreased significantly, so I selfishly prefer not to have their difference be significant. -- Jim Gillogly Highday, 1 Lithe S.R. 2004, 02:00, 2 Chuen 14 Zotz, Fifth Lord of Night ______________________________________________________________________ To unsubscribe, send mail to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx with a body saying: unsubscribe vms-list