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VMs: Re: Re: New VMS transcriptions

I don't think it particularly matters what symbols are used as long as it
clearly indicates the type of spacing.

I thought your 3+ glyph code change sounded promising. It fits with the idea
of crust mantle core letters fairly well. I don't know how you are going to
resolve 8am 8am 8am type patterns though. It should be interesting to see
what you come up with.

If I have any spare time at all I may be able to go through some of the
pages. I'll let you know on that one. :-)


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> Jeff,
> This is indeed a piece of information that needs to be included, and I've
> troubled over it to some extent, especially finding a symbol to replace
> half-space.  My proposal is the "dash" -  to indicate possible
> within the word.
> GC

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