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Re: VMs: RE: Writing in plant illustrations

Jeff wrote:

> If we consider that there may have been two authors then one may have
> determined the colours for the plants. Both may have been involved in
> drawing or colouring. The designer had the overall plan. The VMS was only
> partly completed when the designer died. This would account for the colour
> information being rarer as the VMS progressed. This left the other author
> finish the VMS as best he could. He may not have had the information
> necessary to make a good job of it.

There is also the possibility that the VMS was written over a period of
time, and during that time the author's situation was in flux.  Perhaps
there was a time when he had access to many colors, and other times when his
resources were only good enough to make a few colors for himself.  There are
still some very vivid colors mixed in among the drab folios though.


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