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Re: VMs: RE: Writing in plant illustrations

If the second author knew the pages should be there he might have intended
to complete them in good faith. When enough information was lacking he would
not have felt confident in representing the original authors intentions. If
someone admires a teacher enough to complete their work then to simply fill
in the blanks with anything would not have been appropriate. Also to
renumber these pages might have been seen as just as disrespectful. To keep
the work in as original a condition as possible might have been the main
objective as a tribute to the originator. Much like certain authors have
unfinished works edited today. No one would dream of filling in the blanks.
Even unfinished works are better than falsified ones.


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> Why would the foliator skip the sequential pages of what might have
> been purposely left out? Take Quire 8 with the missing folio numerals for
> 59 through 64; That's 6 recto pages on possibly 6 bifolios. Since we know
> the foliation runs along the current order of the book - those pages had
> to have been there when the numbers were added [ unless for some unknown
> reason - the foliator decided to skip the sequence of numbers ].
> John.

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