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RE: VMs: RE: Writing in plant illustrations

Nick>>If you look just right of the edge between f67r1 and f67r2, it seems
(to my
eyes) as though there is a series of circular needle-holes - I think that
was for the original binding. To me, this suggests that this is not a
genuine fold-out bifolio, but instead a folded bifolio which has lost its
original binding, and has been rebound at its left-hand edge (next to

	I'm going to have to find a way to get highspeed out in the country so
I can download all the sids! Holes in the vellum should give us some clues
were once impossible to see in the copyflos...

Nick>> Rene, how sure are we that this binding structure is correct?

	As Rene already commented the order shown in the above link is the current
order of the quires - and the order they have been in for some time as the
foliation was applied when it was bound in this order.

	Nick>> As a side issue: if we can build a strong case that quires 9 and 10
originally bound together, then we should be able to refute any notion that
the original quire structure matches what we see - and hence that there was
likely any connection between the quire signer and the original author(s).
Just a thought.

	IF the 16 folios that make up 9 & 10 were one quire originally, then you
have a point that the quire signer wasn't the author. IF the author was
consistent in
the size of his original quires (16 folios) then it could be possible that
9&10 were
one quire, 11 & 12 were the next. However, things have started to unravel at
quire 9
with the current quire counts -- 9 had 10 folios, 10 had 6, 11 had 8, 12
probably had 8,
13 had 20, 14 had 16, 15 had 14?, 16 - who knows, 17 - 10, and I don't want
to count
18 through 20 just yet.

	Anyway... IF (notice the big if's) one could prove that 9 & 10 were bound
perhaps 11 & 12, then you would have sufficient evidence that the quire
numbers were
not written by the author.

	Well, it is something new to look for... 8-)


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