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Re: VMs: Repeats and Blitherings

> >Barbara Blithered;
> > [...] Therefore it is quite possible that
> > the quire marks were added by whomever first
> > dismantled the VMS for rebinding as an aid to
> > reconstruction [...] and the page numbering
> > added by another person again, possibly much
> > later

> Rene wRote;
> Thanks for this suggestion! It is the first
> plausible explanation I've seen for the possibility
> that the MS, despite having quire marks, is
> bound incorrectly (which still remains a
> hypothesis, not a certainty).

Barbara Babbles;
You're welcome ;-)
I've a personal notion that the vms was composed directly into a pre-bound
blank book. The author kept his sections seperate and there were naturally
blank pages between the sections. Then, much later, whomever it was who
rebound the mss tried to "tidy it up" by ommiting the unwritten upon pages -
that would mean reordering the bifolios into new quires - and thus creating
the impression there are missing folios.
Just a notion ;-)

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