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RE: VMs: Repeats and Blitherings

Barbara Babbles;	>>
I've a personal notion that the vms was composed directly into a pre-bound
blank book. The author kept his sections seperate and there were naturally
blank pages between the sections. Then, much later, whomever it was who
rebound the mss tried to "tidy it up" by ommiting the unwritten upon pages -
that would mean reordering the bifolios into new quires - and thus creating
the impression there are missing folios.
Just a notion ;-)

	One problem with the blank journal notion is the existence of rather
sporadic foldouts of varying sizes. If the journal was a pre-constructed
booklet that the author scribbled in then the varying length foldouts
have been necessary except for perhaps the Rosettes. As for tidying up the
blank pages and re-ordering you're forgetting the pages were numbered after
they were bound in the current order with the missing folios having been
removed since this last binding.

	One thing that still bothers me... if the quire signatures were not
those of the author, then by what means did the author keep the pages/quires
Quire signatures or ... what the heck are those words called again -- the
word on one page is the same as the first on the following page. Anyway,
aren't apparent in the VMS, so quire marking is the next best thing for
some sense of order to a group of bifolios.

	Foliation is obviously an excellent step in page-ordering if it was done
right (when the pages were in a specific and well defined order to begin
Unfortunately, we know it was done after the current binding order took
but before the missing pages were cut out or lost, so once again the author
seem to use any form of pagination - I think that was common practice though
wasn't it?

	John (with the h) Grove. I have to add that my family thinks it is quite
that two people with very similar names have such a bizarre hobby. On top of
that there's
another John Grove that runs a historical website for the town of Norwood
while I run one
for the town of Morewood.
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